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Why a blog in 2021?

A blog because I enjoy reading and writing more than I enjoy listening and watching.

Writing relaxes me and allows my thoughts to flow. What you read is a flushed-out version of my thoughts after I've drained whatever I believe doesn't belong.

A timeless library

News is not my thing. News is ever-changing; that's its nature. And my life is designed to avoid it as much as I can. That's why I try to make my writing timeless. My thoughts should make sense no matter when you read them.

It's hard, and it's also rewarding. More philosophical, if you may.

What do I write about?

Whatever I feel like, truly nichless.

I don't look for readers

First and foremost, I write for myself; to clear my mind. If something ends up being interesting for someone, great. If not, that's okay.

That's it