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Blog post-writing app demo

Hello Devs 👋🏼

I want to showcase an app I've been working on for the past few weeks. It aims to solve the pains I have when writing my blog posts:

  • I can't remember the Markdown syntax to create a link or image. Is it () or [] first? 🤔
  • Different post destinations use different formats; HTML, Markdown, etc.
  • I don't like to use apps that don't respect my privacy, e.g., Grammarly.

I made a video tour of my work so far; bare with me please since I'm terrible at video 😅

A brief summary #

A blog post writing app to write your content once, and publish it anywhere you want.

Main features:

  • No specific syntax required, write with common text processor tools 👌🏼.
  • Grammar and insensitive checks out of the box; nothing leaves your browser 🖍.
  • Automatic browser storage to avoid losing your content 🔄.
  • Easy and intuitive image uploads 🌠.
  • Post directly to DEV.to as a draft 😱.
  • Export as Markdown or HTML ⬇️.

I'd like for this app to also help me follow a template or style, which I'm still trying to find. I'll see how to add that in the near future.

Any feedback is really appreciated! 🙏🏼 And if you want to try it out, let me know!

UPDATE: My app has a name! It's called Nina, like my dog 🐕.

Thanks a lot 💙