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Road to AWS certification

I've worked with AWS at my job for around two years. I don't proclaim myself an expert or something alike, but surely I've learned a lot during this time.

A couple of months ago I decided to commit and study to get an AWS certification- AWS Solutions Architect. That's why I'm creating a series of posts such as tutorials, guides and tips/tricks on AWS.

There are tons of things I need to learn and deeply understand, and I think teaching them is the most effective way to learn them.

Would love any feedback, corrections and/or suggestions on the series' posts! Also, I'm going to re:Invent 2018 by myself, if anyone wants to hang out there feel free to talk to me!

Thanks a lot, fam! ❤️

I will be updating this post whenever I create a new post for the series.

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  • S3

AWS S3 pt1